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020 _a9788120338494
041 _aEnglish
082 _a006.3
100 _aMishra, R. B.
245 _aArtificial intelligence
_cR. B. Mishra
260 _aNew Delhi :
_bPHI Learning Private Limited,
300 _axxiii, 503 pages :
_c24 cm.
505 _tLogic And Computation
_tHeuristic Search
_tSearch In Game Playing
_tArtificial Intelligence Languages
_tKnowledge Representation
_tAutomated Reasoning
_tProbabilistic Reasoning
_tKnowledge Acquisition: Machine Learning
_tMulti-Agent Systems
_tUser Interface
_tKnowledge Based Systems
_tKnowledge Discovery: Data And Web Mining
_tWeb Technology, Semantic Web And Knowledge Management
_tNatural Language Processing
_tDevelopment, Selection And Evaluation
_tSoftware Engineering And Artificial Intelligence
_tArtificial Intelligence In Medicine
_tIndustrial Automation: Fms And Robotics
_tElectronics Communication
_tManagement And Business Intelligence
650 _aArtificial intelligence
942 _2ddc
520 _aThis book has been written keeping in view the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students and research scholars in the area of computer science and engineering in particular, and other branches of engineering which deal with the study of AI such as electronics engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering (robotics and FMS). Besides the engineering students, the postgraduate students of computer science and computer applications and cognitive sciences researchers can equally benefit from this text. The basic concepts of artificial intelligence, together with knowledge representation, reasoning methods, acquisition, management and distributed architecture, have been nicely and instructively described. The various application domains and disciplines in engineering, management, medicine which cover different aspects of design, assembly and monitoring, have been presented with utility aspects of AI concepts in logic and knowledge. The book maintains a simple and comprehensible style of presentation for the different categories of readers such as students, researchers and professionals for their respective uses.
999 _c25843