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020 _a9788120342453
041 _aEnglish
082 _a519.2
100 _aPalaniammal, S.
245 _aProbability and Random Process
_cS. Palaniammal
260 _aNew Delhi :
_bPHI Learning,
300 _axii, 703 p.:
_c23 cm.
505 _t1. Probability Theory
_t2. Random Variables
_t3. Standard Distributions
_t4. Functions of a Random Variable
_t5. Two-Dimensional Random Variables
_t6. Random Processes
_t7. Correlation and Spectral Densities
_t8. Linear Systems with Random Inputs
650 _aProbabilities
942 _2ddc
520 _aDesigned as a textbook for the B.E./B.Tech. students of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Information Technology, this book provides the fundamental concepts and applications of probability and random processes. Beginning with a discussion on probability theory, the text analyzes various types of random processes. Besides, the text discusses in detail the random variables, standard distributions, correlation and spectral densities, and linear systems. The topics are dealt with in a well-organized sequence with proper explanations along with simple mathematical formulations.
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