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020 _a9789352135219
041 _aEnglish
082 _a006.31
100 _a Géron, Aurélien
245 _aHands-on machine learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow :
_cConcepts, tools, and techniques to build intelligent systems
260 _aSebastopol:
_bO'Reilly Media,
300 _axx, 551 p.:
_c24 cm
505 _aPart I. The fundamentals of machine learning
_tThe machine learning landscape
_tEnd-to-end machine learning project
_tTraining models
_tPart II. Neural networks and deep learning
_tUp and running with Tensor Flow
_tIntroduction to artificial neural networks
_tTraining deep neural nets
_tDistributing Tensor Flow across devices and servers
_tRecurrent neural networks
_tReinforcement learning
650 _aArtificial intelligence
942 _2ddc