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020 _a8170001919
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041 _aEnglish
082 _a027.70954
100 _aNair, R. Raman.,
245 _aCollege Library Development :
_bStudies on Joy Committee report/
_cR. Raman Nair.
250 _a1st ed.
260 _aNew Delhi, India :
_bEss Ess,
300 _a161p.:
_c22 cm.
500 _aHB
505 _t1. Librarianship: A challenging profession
_t2. An unique document on college library development
_t3. Joy committee report and college library development
_t4. Changing concepts of the college library
_t5. College libraries in Kerala. A teacher's eye-view
_t6. Ranganathan, Mehrotra and joy committees: A comparative evaluation
_t7. Manpower in college libraries of Tamil Nadu and Kerala
_t8. College libraries in Uttar Pradesh and joy committee Report
_t9. Needbased development of collections
_t10. Modernization of college libraries: a user approach
_t11. Student participation in college library development
_t12. User education in college libraries
505 _aOriginal Documents
_t1. Report of the expert committee on college libraries
_t2. Order on implementation of recommendations of the expert committee
650 _aAcademic libraries -- India.
650 _aAcademic libraries.
690 _aDepartment of Library and Information Science
942 _2ddc