Introduction to Computer Science using Python

Dierbach, Charles

Introduction to Computer Science using Python - Indian Edition - New Delhi, India : Wiley, 2017 - xxvii, 608 p. : ill. ; 24 cm

The Book focuses on computational problem solving from Chapter 1, this text provides numerous hands-on exercises and examples, each chapter ending with a significant-size program demonstrating the step-by-step process of program development, testing and debugging. A final chapter includes the history of computing, starting with Charles Babbage, containing over 65 historical images. An end-of-book Python 3 Programmers’ Reference is also included for quick lookup of Python details.

Introduction Data and Expressions Control Structures Lists Functions Objects and Their use Modular Design Text Files Dictionaries and Sets Object-Oriented Programming Recursion Computing and Its Developments


Object-oriented programming (Computer science)
Python (Computer program language)

005.133 / DIE

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