Computer graphics

Alavalia, Chennakesava R.

Computer graphics Chennakesava R. Alavalia - New Delhi : PHI Learning, 2013. - xiv, 327 p.: ill.; 24 cm.

Graphics Hardware

Computer Graphics Primitives

Polygon Filling Algorithms

Two-Dimensional Geometric Transformations

Two-Dimensional Viewing

Curve Representation

Surface Representation

Solid Representation

Three-Dimensional Transformations

Three-Dimensional Viewing

Hidden Surface/Line Removal Methods

Illumination Models And Rendering Methods

Computer Animation

This textbook presents the basic principles for the use and design of computer graphics systems, as well as illustrates algorithm implementations and graphics applications.

The book begins with an introduction to the subject and goes on to discuss various graphic techniques with the help of several examples and neatly drawn figures. It elaborates on methods for modelling and performing geometric transformations and methods for obtaining views in both two and three dimensions. With a programming-oriented approach, the book also describes all the processes used in computer graphics along with easy-to-read algorithms, which will enable students to develop their own software skills.

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Computer graphics

006.6 / ALA

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