Data structures & algorithm analysis in C++

Weiss, Mark A

Data structures & algorithm analysis in C++ Mark Allen Weiss - 3rd Ed. - Noida : Pearson Education, 2006. - 18, 606 pages : ill.; 23 cm.

Algorithm Analysis Lists, Stacks, and Queues Trees Hashing Priority Queues (Heaps) Sorting The Disjoint Set ADT Graph Algorithms Algorithm Design Techniques Amortized Analysis Advanced Data Structures and Implementation

The edition refines and enhances the approach to algorithms and data structures. Highlights theoretical topics like abstract data types and the efficiency of algorithms as well as performance and running time. Includes a new chapter on advanced data structures and material on the Standard Template Library conforming to the new standard.


Computer algorithms
Data structures (Computer science)
C++ (Computer program language)
C (Computer program language)
Ada (Computer program language)

005.133 / WEI

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