Data Structures Using C and C++

Langsam, Yedidyah

Data Structures Using C and C++ Yedidyah Langsam; Moshe Augenstein; Aaron M Tenenbaum - 2nd Ed. - Noida : Pearson Education, 2015. - xvi, 672 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm - Always Learning .

Introduction to data structures -- The stack -- Recursion -- Queues and lists -- Trees -- Sorting -- Searching -- Graphs and their applications -- Storage management --

An introduction to the fundamentals of data structures. The book explores abstract concepts, considers how such concepts are useful in problem solving, explains how the abstractions can be made concrete by using a programming language, and shows how to use the C language for advanced programming


C (Computer program language)
Data structures (Computer science)
C++ (Computer program language)

005.73 / LAN

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