Vevaina, Coomi S.

What children really want Coomi S Vevaina - New Delhi, India : Manakin Press, ©2017. - xvi, 214 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.

We and Our Masks Our Rejected Ones in Hiding Our Shared Individuality Our Deep Self Introspection and Stillness Training Learning for Life Training Training in Social Justice Issues

What Children Really Want is a groundbreaking book which gives the reader unique glimpses into the minds of children. It is written for all who love and care for children and young adults.
The book is divided into two parts.
The first half of the book emphasizes the need for self-reflection to ensure that we adults do not project our desires, anxieties and frustration on children.
Lucidly explained concepts are reinforced with Anchor Points, Exercises and Active Imagings and stories for children to suggest ways of applying the concepts.
The second half discusses the need to support children with stillness training, holistic education and awareness of social justice issues in order to make our rapidly shrinking and increasingly threatened world a better place for the generations to come.
What Children Really Want is a need-based, self-empowering book which is easy to read and can truly change the way you relate to children. It is however, not a book that you can rapidly skim through from cover-to-cover and put away on your book shelf.
You need to work with it and use it the same way as you would any utility item like a kitchen knife, a pen or a computer


Child psychology.

155.4 / VEV

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