Thinking in C++.

Eckel, Bruce

Thinking in C++. Vol. 2, Practical programming Bruce Eckel; Chuck Allison - Noida : Pearson India Eduction Services Pvt. Ltd, druk , 2019. - 824 pages : ill.; 24 cm.

Building stable systems: Exception handling; Defensive programming --
Standard C++ library: Strings in depth; Iostreams; Templates in depth; Generic algorithms; Generic containers --
Special topics: Runtime type identification; Multiple inheritance; Design patterns; Concurrency.

In this volume, [the authors] look at more advanced features, with an eye towards developing techniques and ideas that produce robust C++ programs. [The authors'] goals in this book are to: present the material a simple step at a time, so the reader can easily digest each concept before moving on; teach "practical programming" techniques that you can use on a day-to-day basis.


C++ (Computer program language)
Computer programming

005.133 / ECK

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