Handbook of social support and the family

Gregory R Pierce

Handbook of social support and the family - 1st ed. - New York : Plenum Press, 1996. - xv, 573p.,


* Conceptualizing and assessing social support in the context of the family / Gregory R. Pierce [and others] --

* Information processing approaches to the study of relationship and social support schemata / Penny L. Yee [and others] --

*Social support in marriage : a cognitive perspective / Steven R.H. Beach [and others] --

*Social support in its cultural context / Peggy Dilworth-Anderson and Sheree Marshall --

* The neglected links between marital support and marital satisfaction / Linda K. Acitelli --

* The socialization of emotional support skills in childhood / Brant R. Burleson and Adrianne W. Kunkel --

* Attachment, social competency, and the capacity to use social support / Helen M. Coble, Diana L. Gantt, and Brent Mallinckrodt --

* Social support as a determinant of marital quality : the interplay of negative and supportive behaviors / Carolyn E. Cutrona --

* Parental characteristics as influences on adjustment in adulthood / Gordon Parker and Gemma L. Gladstone --

* Compensatory processes in the social networks of older adults / Karen S. Rook and Tonya L. Schuster --

* What is supportive about social support? On the psychological needs for autonomy and relatedness / Richard M. Ryan and
Jessica A. Solky --

* The impact of marital and social network support on quality of parenting / Ronald L. Simons and Christine Johnson --

* The mutual influence of family support and youth adaptation / Christine Timko and Rudolf H. Moos --

* The relation of family support to adolescents' psychological distress and behavior problems / Manuel Barrera, Jr., and Susan A. Li

* Social support in postdivorce families : an attachment perspective / Inge Bretherton, Reghan Walsh, and Molly Lependorf --

* Social support and pregnancy : a comprehensive review focusing on ethnicity and culture / Christine Dunkel-Schetter [and others]

* Social support and social coping in couples / Stevan E. Hobfoll [and others] --

* Social support and preventive and therapeutic interventions / Brian Lakey and Catherine J. Lutz --

* Family stress and social support among caregivers to persons with alzheimer's disease / Karl Pillemer and Jill Suitor --

* The role of attachment in perceived support and the stress and coping process / J.T. Ptacek --

* The role of family and peer relationships in adolescent substance use / Thomas A. Wills, John Mariani, and Marnie Filer.

This handbook provides the first collation and integration of social support and family research. Eminent researchers from these fields address conceptual and methodological issues; the role of social support in family relationships; stress; clinical problems; and support needs for families. With its coverage of a broad range of topics, this resource will benefit researchers, clinicians, and graduate students in community, counseling, developmental, health, and cognitive psychology as well as psychotherapy.


Families. Child rearing. Social interaction in children. Social psychology. Famille. Éducation des enfants.
Interaction sociale chez l'enfant. Psychologie sociale. Gezin. Sociale steun.
Interaction sociale.

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