Great Jataka Tales /

Khan, Noor Inayat.

Great Jataka Tales / Retold by Noor Inayat Khan. - New Delhi : Taking Cub, 2018. - 119 p. ; hb. ill. col.

Target Audience: Age 8 years and Above

Content : The Young Parrot The Tortoise and the Geese The Baby Quail and The Wood Fire The Master's Test The Sarabha The Golden Feathers The Fairy and the Hare The Great Elephant The Empty Lake The Golden Goose The Monkey Bridge The Guilty Dogs Banyan The Two Pigs The Quarrelsome Quails The End of the World The Swan Kindom The Patient Buffalo The Noble Horse The Goblin Town

In a small forest, a hare convinces his friends—a monkey, a jackal and a water-weasel—to share their food with the hungry. But when the hare finds nothing to eat, and a fairy disguised as an old man comes asking for food, what does the hare do? The king of monkeys asks his tribe to keep the delicious mangoes in their forest a secret from humans. But what happens when Brhmadatta, the king of humans, discovers the fruit and wants more of it? A king spots the mysterious and beautiful deer, Sarabha, deep in the woods. He wishes to capture it but falls into a deep chasm on the way. Will Sarabha rescue him? The twenty stories in Great Jataka Tales, retold by the remarkable writer Noor Inayat Khan, have been drawn from the Buddhas former lives and the legends around him. These tales bring alive a world from long, long ago: a world that shows the importance of courage, compassion, non-violence and love. Written in simple, dramatic prose and beautifully illustrated in full colour, these magical stories will enchant a new generation of readers.

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