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Woodward, John.

Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur! : Over 60 Prehistoric Creatures as You've Never Seen Them Before / by John Woodward ; Illustrated by Peter Minister; Arran Lewis ; Andrew Kerr ; Peter Bull ; Vlad Konstantinov & James Kuether. - 2nd ed. - London : Dorling Kindersley Limited , Penguin Random House India, 2019. - 208 p. : col. ill. ; 31 cm.

Target Audience : 7 Years and Above
Consultant by Darren Naish.

The Dinosaurs Triassic Life. Jurassic Life. Cretaceous Life. A New Era.

Journey back in time when fearsome dinosaurs roamed the land, menacing pterosaurs patrolled the skies, and the seas were filled with awesome reptiles.

Perfect for home learning, this fully revised edition of Knowledge Encyclopedia: Dinosaur! is loaded with more than 60 prehistoric creatures, from the age of dinosaurs to the Ice Age. See every type of prehistoric animal in unprecedented detail and with stunning realism. Find out how these fascinating creatures lived, why they died out, and what their fossil traces tell us.

Did you know that Velociraptor had three large "killer claws" on each foot to hunt down prey? Or that the long-necked Diplodocus was as long as three school buses? Can you imagine what a strange life it would be for Saltasaurus with no toes on their front feet? Would you believe that Carcharodon megalodon was an ocean monster with a fearsome bite at least six times stronger than today's great white shark?

Packed with jaw-dropping 3D images including the Pterodactylus, ferocious Tyrannosaurus, the gigantic snake Titanoboa and mighty woolly mammoth, this fact-filled book is made for kids.

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