Modern Information Retrieval /

Bajpai, S.K.

Modern Information Retrieval / By S.K .Bajpai. - 1st ed. - New Delhi : Ess Ess Publications. 1999. - vi, 302 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

1. Modern Information Retrieval

2. Information Retrieval Services

3. Traditional Retrieval Tools

4. The Need for Information 5. Languages or Information Retrieval

6. Library and Information Science

7. Probabilistic Retrieval

8. Interaction and Retrieval in On-line Catalogues 9. Information Centre Management 10. Conceptual Information Retrieval

11. Patterns of Information Retrieval Systems

An information retrieval system is a device interposed between a potential
user of information and the information problem, the purpose of the system is to
computer wanted items and to filter out unwanted items. This goal is pragmatic:
to make acceptable the time required to satisfy the information need, or to
conclude that it cannot be satisfied. In a town's public library, for example,
the card catalogue or online cataloge is an information retrieval system applied
to a local collection of books and other materials. However, as we intend the
term tube understood, information retrieval is a concept that applies to systems
and functions outside as well as within the framework traditional libraries. The
human brain itself can be viewed as an enormously powerful information retrieval



Information Science.
Modern Library.

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