Engineering Materials :

Gupta, K. M.,

Engineering Materials : Research, Applications and Advances / K.M. Gupta. - Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015. - xxxix, 596 pages ; illustrations ; 24 cm.

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Includes bibliographical references and index.

1. Introduction to some recent and emerging materials --
2. Peculiar materials with fascinating properties --
3. Amorphous materials and futuristic scope of plastics --
4. Structures and applications of ceramics, refractories and glasses, etc. --
5. Polymeric composite materials : types and mechanics --
6. Sandwich composite materials, and stitched and unstitched laminates --
7. Biocomposite materials --
8. Special kinds of composites --
9. Biomimetics and biomimetic materials --
10. Superhard materials --
11. Advances in powder metallurgy --
12. Trends in the development of ferrous metals and alloys, and effects of alloying elements on them --
13. Recent non-ferrous metals and alloys --
14. Emerging and futuristic materials --
15. Special materials in specialized applications --
16. Vivid fields of ongoing researches --
17. Trends in the research of natural fibre-reinforced composites and hybrid composites --
18. Recent researches and developments of magical materials

Mechanical, materials, and production engineering students can greatly benefit from Engineering Materials: Research, Applications and Advances. This text focuses heavily on research, and fills a need for current information on the science, processes, and applications in the field. Beginning with a brief overview, the book provides a historical and modern perspective on material science, and describes various types of engineering materials. It examines the industrial process for emerging materials, determines practical use under a wide range of conditions, and establishes what is needed to produce a new generation of materials.

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