Child psychology : a handbook of contemporary issues / [edited] by Lawrence Balter and Catherine Tamis-LeMonda. - Third edition. - Philadelphia, PA Psychology Press, 1999. - pages cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

pt. I. Infancy
Ch. 1. Emotional self-regulation in infancy and toddlerhood
Ch. 2. The what, why, and how of temperament: a piece of the action
Ch. 3. Infant-parent attachment
Ch. 4. Visual information processing in infancy: reflections on underlying mechanisms
Ch. 5. Development of recognition and categorization of objects and their spatial relations in young infants
Ch. 6. The signs and sounds of early language development
pt. II. Preschool years
Ch. 7. Peer relations
Ch. 8. Pretense and counterfactual thought in young children
Ch. 9. Taking a hard look at concreteness: do concrete objects help young children learn symbolic relations?
Ch. 10. The role of reminders in young children's memory development
Ch. 11. Telling two kinds of stories: sources of narrative skill
pt. III. Childhood
Ch. 12. Emotion regulation in peer relationships during middle childhood
Ch. 13. Metacognitive development
Ch. 14. Academic and motivational pathways through middle childhood.
Ch. 15. Emotion, emotion-related regulation, and quality of socioemotional functioning pt. IV. Cross-cutting themes
Ch. 16. Parenting
Ch. 17. The role of gender knowledge in children's gender-typed preferences
Ch. 18. Effects of poverty on children
Ch. 19. The effects of community violence on children
pt. V. New frontiers
Ch. 20. New family forms: children raised in solo mother families, lesbian mother families, and in families created by assisted reproduction
Ch. 21. Cultural, social, and maturational influences on childhood amnesia
Ch. 22. The nature of parents' race-related communications to children: a developmental perspective
Ch. 23. Who should help me raise my child? A cultural approach to understanding nonmaternal child care decisions
Ch. 24. Behavioral inhibition and impulsive aggressiveness: insights from studies with Rhesus monkeys.

"This new handbook provides an up-to-date, representative overview of important topics in contemporary developmental psychology. In chapters written by leading international authorities in their fields, the volume highlights promising new areas of investigation and reviews controversies in appropriate theoretical frameworks." "Child Psychology: A Handbook of Contemporary Issues will be an invaluable resource for Read more...

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Child psychology.

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